Blog like today's your last

Unraveling one's thoughts like unwinding the thread off a spindle
Unfurling the flag to a world of unknowns
Something ubiquitous to man woman boy and girl
The strokes paint a perfect picture, the words set the tones

In green, black, purple, gold,
Each syllable -- a story to be told
The alphabets strewn in disarray, hot and cold
Nothing fits the bill, no need for moulds

Words take on a tune of its own
Each sings a song, an chaos ochestrated like never before
Each sentence lingers sweet, leaves one hungry for more
Phrases cut deep, many a time, reaching the core

The burning questions answered,
New stories birthed from nothingness
Whets your appetite, makes you thirst
For that next post, next ping, next...

You call the shots, you hit the keys
The power to tantalize, tingle and tease
It lies in your hands, those fingertips
So don't just leave those words on your lips
Write like no tomorrow,we each have a story that longs to be told

Written with much love, hugs and kisses! :) eStee


eastcoastlife said...

Wah! You got the ink, girl! hehe....

Unknown said...

Very well written and composed. Very unlike those other IT nerds and geeks that I do come across in the course of my work, whose "poetry" tend to be err.... better not safe for the general public. Different types of colourful language I guess. ;)

eStee said...

thank you! how kind! see u both at blog out!!!

Anonymous said...

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