Guide to USB (UberSweetBimbotic) Thumb Drives

Now men, men. Women are suckers for all things cute and very (very very) useless. Yes, go ahead and blame the *weaker* sex for being cute and getting weak in the knees at retarded objects. So that's the way the world works, so don't complain and just live by it. Maybe if you learn to accept it, you'll live at peace with Mother Nature.

These are a few sure win USB (UberSweetBimbotic) Thumb Drives sure to make a girl go "Awwwwww...". Yeah, agreed they are stupid, senseless, retarded, complete and utter waste of your moolah, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Love 'em!! Check 'em out!

This admittedly very retarded drive expands (yes literally) when you load it up. It cost way too much, but to me it's just really sweet. Impractical, yes. Totally senseless, agreed. Then you haven't seen nothing yet.

How retardedly cute is this? A sponge bob square pants USB drive that actually, once again physically expands as you load it up!!! And what about the cute lil' puffer fish that huffs and puffs and huffs and puffs as you fill her up... Awwwww...

But seriously, NOTHING beats THIS!!! Woot! I would trade all my USBs for these sweet lil' GOD SENDS. Now what I need to do is find out how to parallel import these little cuties. They belong only one place -- IN MY HANDBAG! :)

Wooooooot to femalicious gadgets! :)


chillycraps said...

the expanded sponge bob is so disgusting!!!! eeeek

eStee said...

disgustingly cuteeee!!!

Anonymous said...

these thumbdrives are uber cute la XD

eStee said...

Yah they are awesome~!! I want the handbag ones!!!

Anonymous said...

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