Meeting Social Media Evangelist - Jeremiah Owyang

So we were at iX the whole of today and it was amazing! Got up so super early to go down to help with the set up. It was pretty smooth running. You can get a great summary of this event through Jeremiah Owyang's blog.

After reading his blog for since I heard about him, I finally got to meet him in person!! (and even sit beside him!!! *double woot*) He did a great job in helping us blog about the events of today. Do check out his weblog! Very insightful and very thought provoking. He is even nicer and friendlier in person, even helping me to "fill" up our new media document by informing me that Intel was one of his clients who took to the use of twitter!!!

The Digital Movement
is the new media partner of iX conference this time around and kudos to Bill Claxton for helping to plug us into this event. We truly are in a very strategic position now - at the forefront, pushing for the adoption of new media!!!

More information and videos about this conference can be found in Mr. Inspector Gadget - Kevin Lim's blog as well as on SG Entrepreneurs, thanks to Bernard Leong.

Returning to the event, it was great to hear speakers from apollo, microsoft and New Media BC's Lynda Brown share their insights. I'm also especially grateful to Lynda for talking with Raine and I about Blue Stocking. It's a not for profit organization that we want to set up to connect female entrepreneurs (esp. those interested in tech and new media) together. Females are always under represented in the digital space so we believe that Blue Stocking can be a medium through which we can marry new media, technology and the passion for making things happen.

I'm really proud of TDM as a team -- indeed we have come very far -- the best is yet to be!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, the TDM-iX forum was great! Like the idea that Raine and you have on setting up a forum for females in new media, keep me posted on that :)

Peter said...

I think Jeremiah is genuinely great and helpful in his words and thoughts for TDM. Because of his background in Podtech, his strategies are quite applicable for us.


I love estee's passion for TDM. And everything she does, form engaging the people to encouraging the team, every bits show her determination of realizing her passion.


The idea of females in new media is really great. Let's make the forum happen!

Anonymous said...

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