The Morning After... Dawn Breaks

There is something irreplaceable about girlfriends. And no, diamonds are indeed not a girl's best friend. Nothing beats a real girlfriend -- and I mean someone real, in flesh and blood.

I hate having girlfriends who live freaking far away. I hate it whenever I send them off at the airport, I only get to spend the summers with them. What a bummer! It's like before we have enough girl time, they scoot off to some far away land, and skype becomes crack to my life.

I'm glad Dawn is back -- it's good seeing her. Everytime I see her, I wished she learnt to take more care of herself. She's a great girl and she deserves so much more than the world is offering her..

I want to tell her that she should quit smoking, that she should not fall for the same old, same old jerks, that she should learn to love herself more, but those words don't resonate. And somehow, it seems they bounce off her and I wonder to what extent I actually am like her, to what extent we are all like her -- lost in our own flights of fancy, trying to be perfect in an imperfect world. Maybe deep down we're all the same.. different faces of a coin, but still, the same coin.

I'm so happy to see her -- I give her a huge hug. She's still the same soft squishy cuddly teddy bear she always was. I love the times I used to stay over the nights before she flys off, talking until we fall alseep. There truly is something irreplaceable about a friendship with a girlfriend.

I really wish Dawn will find her own happiness, which ever way she defines it. I wish she will find happiness from within, it's not something a guy can define for her, but it's learning to love herself, within and without.

6.5 weeks more before Shimei comes back. Now that's a girl that totally kicksass! :)


Peter said...

"Trying to be perfect in an imperfect world"

How many times I would remind myself that a statement like this is the true reflection of the demand of the society, the world, but not the inner desire of a creation of God. Yet just how many times did I simply follow the trend of the world until I started wondering the purpose of all my actions. And then all in a sudden I realized:

Living a simple life with passion and purpose requires more of a person than that with a normal life because she needs to sift through all that the world threw at her, and find things have true meanings. It takes time and energy, and demands more efforts.

If less is more, it takes more to get less.

eStee said...

Hmmm.. I wish it was easier that that. Well, seems easy on the surface, but its far from easy. Just that I love my friends and I hate to see them suffer. Even when they do not admit it, I know they're craying inside.

I just don't think there is justice when good people suffer. When good people suffer due to happenstance, now that sucks.

Is it wrong to want your friends to be happy even though they are not perfect?

Peter said...

Seeing my friends to suffer without intervening to change the course is the worst thing I could think of doing. I would regret if I did nothing at all, though I still remember He is in control.

To change and staying committed to the changes requires much more efforts. There is always part of myself screaming at the other part of myself over little changes I made towards a better self. I guess there is where the word oxymoron came about - two contradicting parties exist at one place. Perhaps that's how we are made.

I want to see my friends to succeed, to be happy, to be best wherever they are. I just need to find who they are.

eStee said...

and in the journey discover who we are...

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