You're a buttwipe, im sorry

I'm guilty of this. Making those I love cry.

The other day I made my mom cry. I know, I'm such an asshole. But I did. I would love to go over the details here, but its shameful. I shaln't put it in black and white but I shall still post it, because this should serve as a reminder never to be rude to the people who love me the most.

It's funny how someone like a parent can show their love for us yet we snap back in the face and insult their love. I can really be a bi-a-tch at times.

I apologized like 2 days later -- way tooooo late, but I knew I had to do it.

Sorry might not mean much, its just a word, but when you mean it -- its really the best thing on earth.


Anonymous said...

There, there... I believe your parents love u dearly. She won't be angry with u forever. Give her time.

Dunno abt your parents, but folks of our parent's generation are a little bit more stubborn and slower to melt. I'm sure she'll come around soon.

She probably feels good that you've apologised. You'll prob get a good meal soon...

Peter said...

Estee, It's okay. We are not perfect, sometime in our life, we would make mistakes that we wish that had never happened. It's those those mistakes that teach us, it's moving on from those mistakes that makes us stronger in life.


Parents love us, which I am very thankful and see it as a miracle in everyone's life.

eStee said...

The funny thing is that she was not pissed at me. She cried but she didnt act angry -- more hurt. When I apologized, she said it's ok and shrugged it off. :)

Unknown said...

Looks like your blog is getting into an emo stage lately... full of hugs, kisses, tears, laughter and all things gooey. You probably won't catch me blogging about emo stuff, well maybe not yet.

Anonymous said...

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