Some people make sacrifices we take for granted and never see. Humans tend to look at the negative and remember faults more than they remember good things. Maybe that's the way we are wired. But it is pretty terrible. We need to start appreciating those around us more and truly grow closer to those who really matter. It's ironic how sometimes I can choose attending an insignificant function more over than having dinner with my parents. If you think about it logically, of course my parents are my priority and my time should be given to them. But I expect them to always be there, to be understanding and to wait for me until I finish my other engagements.

Because they are always there, I assume they will forever be. I have lost things in my life because I have shoved them aside; put them at 2nd place because I thought that they understood me well and would continue to be patient with me. But for the same reason, they have left, and it's not that I totally regret it, but situations can truly be handled better. Sometimes its no use rumination over the what could have been and the what ifs...

Just remember your thank yous. It's a wonder what small thank yous can do to make someone's day...

Thanks to daddy for fetching me to work every morning and picking me up form the MRT when I come back late at night

Thanks to mum for taking the train to work so that I can be ferried to work

Thanks to my colleagues who happily sponsor my tidbits

Thanks for the countless of prayers from my church friends made on my behalf

Thanks for my girlfriends who keep me sane when I'm down

Thanks to Singapore for the great Singapore Sale

Thanks to the Government for peace, prosperity and a beautiful skyline

Thanks to TDM for giving me a chance to shine

Thanks to National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet for allowing me to expand my understanding of the world

Thanks to mother Nature for your love

Thanks to Chang and Des for showing me what love was (and was'nt)

Thanks to life, for the hard knocks and sweet successes

Thanks to my lil sister being an inspiration

Thanks to internet, electricity and Macbooks

Thanks for piracy of software

Thanks for reading my blog

Have you said thank you to someone today?


DK said...

Thank you for writting this lovely article. :)

Anonymous said...

I would thank you if u can solve the super bug of mine.

eStee said...

dk: :)

crispyfries: what bug?

Anonymous said...

Darling!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you! I should have put you in a LV steamer trunk and shipped you over to Melbourne with me! *SIGH* Counting the days till I'll see that lovely face again. -dawnie-

Anonymous said...

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