Singapore's PRAWN FISHING champion

Guess who is this month's prawning champion? Give you a clue: She's chinese, Psychology Major, 23 years young, loves shoes and bags. Yearns for a walk in closet... one day. U have 3 guesses...

Yea, it's me. So like last week, I went prawn fishing. Everyone looks down on me, dammit. Just because it's my first time, people think I cannot catch any, and if I do, then it's due to my luck. How offensive! Which part of me looks like I have no prawn fishing skill? Ok, so I'm afraid of the little pincers on the prawn but that doesn't mean I cannot prawn fish OK!

I caught 4 prawns in 2 hours, which is very very good, considering I have never even tried before. I caught the most among the whole troop who went ok! Ming said I was lucky - but he's just sour grapes that he only caught one. But then again, most of the time I was the one hogging the rod, so he had to chance to catch also. But with that aside, he totally has no skill, apart from being super good at hooking the bait. But then out of goodwill, I just am rubbing his ego and make believe that he would have caught a couple if he was allowed to.

Mike caught 3 prawns, and I think Wendy caught none. But then.... she was super damn pro at unhooking the prawns Mike and I caught! Props to the lady man! I tell you she is one super chic who has no fear! :) I'd stay far away from her if I were a prawn!

Anyone game to go with me again! I want to catch more and cooook! :)


Peter said...

Congratulations Champion! I am so happy for you. It's really good you are taking these wonderful breaks!

Anonymous said...

You practically PWNED everyone! I hereby crown you Miss Prawn Queen.

eStee said...

Peter: Sorry I didn't answer your calls! Hospital cannot pick up calls! Have to even off the cell! Because the heart machines will apparently go cranky! (got such thing?)

eStee said...

Brennan: That sounds like porn queen :)

Anonymous said...

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