Do Women REALLY Want Sex as Much as Men? (Video)

SEX is always a heated topic of discussion over which men and women are usually at odds.

Just listen over the shoulders of men and women sitting at the bar. Women wonder why men just don’t understand them sexually. And men wonder why they can’t get more action.

Quite the dilemma, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s the problem…

Most men assume that sex is something that’s to be won over from the women like a special prize. They seem to think that women don’t want sex as much as they do, because of the incredible lack of response they get from women.

Could it be possible that women really don’t want sex as much as men?

By the way, can you count how many times Dan says sex in this short segment?

On a lighter or probably heavier note:

With online dating sites, social networking sites, video chat rooms, email and instant messengers, it’s easier than ever to meet someone, have an affair - and get away with it.

Check out these really scary statistics from

* 1 in 2 people in a relationship cheat on their partner
* 9 out of 10 women who feel their partner is cheating are correct
* 50% of men who feel their partner is cheating are correct
* 57% of women cheat on their partner
* 3 in 4 married men cheat on their partner
* 2 out of 3 people being cheated on never find out

If you’re like me, you know that people cheat, but those numbers are much, much, much higher than I ever would have guessed.


Taken from here.


Anonymous said...

Alright! So it's an interesting post. Speaking about cheating, I guess the statistic is true. I got cheated before too! Woot!

eStee said...

Me too, and it's not something I would gladly woot about :(

Anonymous said...

that's an eye opener, i mean the statistics :P

Anonymous said...

I wonder why people cheat on their loved one? Because they think we are so cheatable,or are they insane about their feeling?Guys, so stop talking about the stupidity of us, we know u cheating also!

Benjamin Koe said...

Those stats can't be right?! Maybe a lot more in the US than here in little SG ya?

eStee said...

Satkuru & Ben: I guess you're right, the statistics are from the US, but recently a friend told me that he has credible proof that 9 out of 10 men cheat... and I said that was prevalence, meaning in your whole life, if you've cheated once, you fall under here. If you cheated on a gf at 16 and got married and 26 and never cheated again, you're still counted.

Incidence is the new number of cases at a particular point in time. The numbers would be very much less in this case..

I think the stats don't lie though...

SHAREN: I think people cheat because they don't think they will get caught. No cheater ever thinks he'll/she'll get caught right?

KENNY said...

1 in 2 people in a relationship cheats? Won't that mean every couple? Or does it mean every other couple?

Y said...

Kenny made some good points there. Jennifer must be an expert to talk about this, yes/no?


Anonymous said...

Cheating isn't just having sex with someone other than your partner. There's emotional cheating, there's flirtation, there's intention... There are a lot of nuances to cheating, depending on the definition.

I don't doubt a lot of people cheat. Sometimes you do it intentionally, other times, you fall into a trap. I'm not making excuses or saying it's right but I am saying that it's not hard to become a cheater.

And yes, women do want sex too. Maybe the general population of women are less obvious in their wants but then again, depending on your culture, there are some of us who are bold and explicit in our demands.

p/s: miss ya, baby!


lovie said...

I'll have to say that this is an interesting post.
We always think that guys are cheaters, but the fact is girls cheat too. Different people have different reasons to cheat on their partners. Not to say that cheating is a good thing, but sometimes circumstances make someone cheats.
Take lies for example. We know that telling lies are not good, but why do we do that sometimes?
I guess cheaters have their own reasons which others might not understand.

ZB said...

this is scary la...



eStee said...

You cant lie about statistics... like I said 1 in 2 is a prevalence, not an incidence!!