Isaac's Farewell Part @ Timbre (PICS)

Shimei, Raine and Me!

One of my ang moh friends, Issac Schwartz had his farewell party @ Timbre last night. Since my whole gang of girl friends knew him as well,we all decided to troops down together. It was funny meeting the guy Isaac "slept with".

Well, the story goes, Issac is such a smooth guy that after meeting a guy at a club, he actually managed to persuade the guy to let him room at his house for 3 weeks while hunting for accomodation of his own. Yes, I know it sounds bad, but it really isn't that nasty... both of that are straight... (so far...)

Me, Shimei, Raine, Zandra and Zan's friend...

The 5 girls, just doing what we do best... acting cute... we're all actually 24 already, but still act cute...

I think there were sooo many cute guys that night... haha some guy called David was really cute and such a sweetheart.. too bad he left early. Talking of which, this dude totally embarrased me when he asked me if I was interested in David -- right in front of his face.

#$%^&* embarrassing can? And none of the girls defended me, they teased me!!! By the way, I was kicking Zandra in the ass for not hooking up with him...

And then Raine was smart to snag pics with another hottie from M'sia, Imon. (pictured above with Raine.)

But then.... of course, nothing beats girlfriends...

But of course we don't mind eye candy.... seriously who does??

Ya, and Vinod stares blatantly at Zandra's breasts.... no one's surprised :")

Yeap, one more shot of eye candy... pics taken by Zandra, clever girl!

One more won't hurt right? :)

We took tons more, I'll post them when Zandra darl sends them!

Love u all! xoxo!

p/s: Isaac I'll miss u, it was great having you in singapore... come back soon. we need talented ang mohs like u!!! (although u damn spoil market....)