Time to Re-Focus?

Focus on the what the ring represents and not how big the diamond is. A diamond not from the man who loves you with his life is just a stone.

Focus not on the meal, but on the person you are eating it with.

Focus not on what the hubby can bring home on the table, but on whether he comes home every day to eat it with you.

Focus not on whether the hubby has hair or six pack muscles, but on whether he hugs you every morning and holds you to sleep every night.

Focus on acquiring respect at work, not money and title.

Focus on the friend who is always there, not what he can give you.

Focus on the love you have acquired, not on the wealth you have acquired.

Focus on whether there is laughter and joy in the house, not on how big it is.

Focus on good health and functionable limbs, not on the fat thighs and chubby arms.

Focus on the marriage, not on the wedding.

Focus on standing straight and smiling bright, not on the labels you wear or the branded bag you carry.

Focus on protecting yourself from the rain first, not the LV bag.

Focus on being sweet and kind, not on being bitter and angry.

Focus on the person with you and the precious time you have together, and not what you are doing or not doing together.

Focus on what you can give and offer, not on what others can give or offer you.

Focus on the friends who love you, not on those who make you sad.

Focus on the efforts that your child put in, not on the grades he/she brings home.

Focus on your parents. They won’t be here forever.

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