The days go by like "WOW"

Indeed, the days go by like "WOW".

At the passing of each day, I wonder where the day really went.

But that's life, if we're grieving through each day, it's just seem way to long, so I figured, not knowing where my time has really gone isn't a bad thing, as long as I know I can sleep each day with a smile on my face (which I do).

Just rethinking about the things I love.... and the things that really matter. i guess if you can accurately pinpoint the things that make you happy, u know what u need in live, and what are but just , frills which we can do without.

I once told myself that I want to be extraordinary, and I have read many a times that being "normal" is just plain disastrous. But as I age, I think it's no longer that important to be extraordinary anymore. Call me a person lacking ambition, but you're mistaken. I've come to the point that I've received enough satisfaction at who I am as a person that I don't feel an endless need to prove myself in front of anyone anymore.

I remember I used to work so hard, to gain recognition from my bosses for the work I did, but when I got, it, it made me happy and feel extraordinary, but after a day, that satisfaction sort of slipped away, and I found myslef entangled in a web of having to try so hard once again to "win" praises.

What I really want now is to continue to be extraordinarily happy. I think I haven't been at a stage of my life where I can say that I'm truly extraordinarily satisfied with my life, but now seems to be the moment.

Counting the things I love, which have definitely made me extraordinarily happy, I hope they last forever. (in no particular order)

1. Family

That's my sister, mum and dad, in a photo when we were in Paris visiting the Louvre. it was helluva cold, rainy day, so we ended up huddling under a bridge, or some sort of shelter. I remember esther and mum having to scurry off in the rain because they were so damn urgent half way. Dad and I waited for there with a bunch of school children who were, hiding from the rain as well.

This trip was an awesome one because i think its been YEARS since we went on a family trip, so being able to go on one together (under the guise of esther's graduation) was friggin awesome, to say the least. Ming was kind enough to bring us around despite being there before, but hey, esther did have some pretty nifty map reading skills as well.

This was our lunch in some french restaurant, I believe. The funny thing is that I don't recall much of the food we ate there, but I guess since we're all grown up now, it is much harder for the family to spend time together. Either I'm at Ming's or Esther's at James. Mum and dad are pretty much alone at home, when not working, at church. It saddens me that my parents are getting old, so as I.

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to keep a marriage alive for 30 years.... isnt it amazing?

My family is as close to perfect as it gets, I think, Esther and I love being spoilt. hahahah

2. Mingsoes/Poo/Sooksies

This is Ming in London, when we went around on the last morning of our trip looking for the Elephants on the elephant parade 2010. Her name is cloudia. She is the only roving elepant, and each day she is sent to somewhere mysterious, so u'd be uber lucky to find here. Guess it was Ming's and my lucky day!

In the french restaurant in some Paris alley.

I think I've been very lucky to have met Ming. I haven't been the most perfect person, and neither do I believe in karma, so much so, but the funny thing is when Ming walked into my life, I didn't even know I met a good thing. Not many know this but I wasn't particularly impressed with him when we first met. In fact, I had quite a rancid impression of him. (but that's another story altogether).

I used to be a believer in love at first sight, most of the guys I fell for before him, the moment I met, I kinda had a tiny crush on already. But Ming started off on the total opposite spectrum, but somehow, his kind heart, his endearing qualities, and his drive for life, his generosity was what drew me to him.

No relationship is perfect, there are many things I wish we both could improve on but for now, he's my "perfect".

Acting silly.... dodo bird.

3. Jesus Christ

Dear Lord, what would I be without you? What would I have without you? You are why i live, why I breathe, everything of me belongs to you. Though at time, I turn my face away from you, and I run away from you, and ignore you, but my heart belongs to you. I want to worship you for the rest of my life. May I forever dwell under the shadow of your wings and be a person after your own heart, Amen.

4. Friends

My most honest confession is that I make acquaintances very easily and I can be known as many people's friends. I can connect with others and my weakest and strongest trait is that I have a huge ability to empathize with the situations of others.

That's why it angers me whenever there is injustice, or when I see people who get ill treated by other who use their "authority" to scare others. I've seen many such situations before in my life that I find no trouble cutting such a "person" off my list and I see no loss in "de-friending" such a person. To me, if you can't treat people right, you're DIRT. Simple as that. It might come across harsh but there's no other way to butter and sugar coat it.

But I digress, I think if all my friends were to leave me, I would be completely suicidal. That is the honest truth. My friends have the ability to make me smile, make me cry, make me laugh. Friendships are priceless. Family, you can't choose, but whether or not people are your friends, is totally dependent on who you are as a person. Maybe this is a silly thing to say, that friends validate who I am, but I can't help but feeling that way.

But that's just my opinion. But having no one to share your ups and down with, not having someone to counsel you, would be quite meaningless. it would be downright painful.

Some things have happened in my life that have tested my friendship, hurt me, disappointed me, tore me apart, but may things only get better. Coal will only turn to diamonds under pressure.

I have many many guy friends, but all my true friends are female, for some reason. Actually, I can say now, that I don't have any true male friends. (discount Ming). I don't know why, at all.

5. My Job

I shall not write too much about this because it would bore you to death. But I left my old job mid this year and haven't looked back since. I thank my old company for giving me the experience I needed for my current job, but if you don't truly love the people you work with, you won't truly love your job.

Which brings be back to ambition. No longer do I crave being the top of the food chain. It's easy to work for people whom you respect, it makes you want to continue to continue. Now, all I want is to give it my all, and have complete satisfaction in life. Simple as that.


This, to me, makes the world go round. It simply does.

I've just been made a Godmother of my baby Godchild and when I see her parents sacrifice for her, it just makes me wonder what a mother would not do for her child. Whatever form of love it may be, may this love oveflow our lives!!!

I think I've written a lot more than I wanted to initially. It started out being a short reflective post since I haven't written in some time, but hey oh hey, look where that's taken us.

May the future be extraordinarily happy!!


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