Alright, I admit... and other stories...

OK so it is true, it's no secret. Although I very much prefer flying out of T1 to KL instead of Singapore Budget Terminal... I have NEVER not bought a new pair of shoes when flying out, if I fly from T1.

This leads me to regret for the following reasons, so may this be a reminder NEVER to buy another pair of shoes from T1! Please exercise some self control...

1) I have to lug a WHOLE shoe box from SIN->KL->SIN
2) I never check in my bags so my shoulder hurts from the weight
3) Waste money!!!!
4) Impulse shopping/retail therapy (knowing the work that needs to be done in KL)
5) Time I spend looking at shoes that I literally have to RUN to the gate minutes before closing :(


In other news, I'll share a bit later. I met someone interesting in the plane...


Today must be my uber lucky day!!!! Summit hotel didn't have a corporate king room, so Mamee upgraded my room to a corporate suite - comes with wifi, and brekkie at the top floor corporate lounge.. eat your heart out suckers!!!!! The room is 50% bigger, comes with a proper working desk, a flat screen TV, higher quality toiletries, a sofa and coffee table. No complains... but the room costs 2x more!


I'm normally anti-social in the plane, especially when I'm traveling alone -- I blast my music in my headphones and read whatever material I bring along with me, but today I made a friend! This is very atypical of me because I'm not those who make friends on the plane -- I'm never bored enough to that extent, and I feel that once you start talking to a stranger, you're obliged to talk the entire duration, and I'd rather do my own thing...

Anyway, so this guy starts asking me what I do, why I'm traveling, and he sort of seems like a harmless person, so for the first time, I let down my defenses, pulled off my ear phones and start conversing with him. Perhaps it was also because he was sweet enough to help me with my luggage when I boarded that I must have thought that he must be a good person. (Naive statement, I know, serial killers always start off by being exceptionally helpful)

I don't know, maybe he's between 35 to 38 years old, very pleasant looking (actually quite handsome), looks smart, speaks well. He tells me a bit about what he does, where he travels to. And I think, hey this guy actually is a nice person! We share a couple of budget airline jokes and poke fun at some people in the plane. And then I realize that sometimes I can indeed be quite guarded. What's the harm of making a friend on the plane, why so closed minded??! Can prove to be fun, if you both want to waste away an hour...

Anyway before we disembark, he passes me his business card, and for the first time, I see a wedding band on his finger. I paused for a split second -- should I exchange mine? After all, it's totally harmless, I'll never see this dude ever again...

Then I find myself saying, as if instinctively without consideration, "Sorry, didn't bring my card."

The truth is that I did have my card with me, and I could have exchanged it, and I'm not saying we had a moment - no - we just really could connect and the hour passed by real quick. But then as I walked down the sky bridge to the immigration counter, I realized that the reason I've instinctively reacted by not exchanging a card was because, through time, especially in the last 4 years of being with Ming, I've become so disciplined with my life, everything was clockwork, "turn down every guy", "don't even bother with a male other than who you are with", "don't flirt with any other male", "there is only ONE person important", that when I'm single, somehow I still think I owe someone something.  I still feel as if I'm betraying someone.

Or is it because deep inside I already feel there a someone now? And then I tell myself not to be silly and get ahead of myself.

Can't tell really, but as I was in the cab, I continued to ponder at my actions.. trying hard to figure out the root of it. But I really couldn't weed out the real reason.

1 thing is clear though, stay off men with wedding bands, at all cost. If you respect another female's property, then you respect yourself. Simple :)

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