Shot dead

I can only describe myself, as this very moment, as being "SHOT DEAD".

Don't ask why, but there is this image of myself, holding a handgun, to my temple, and pulling the trigger.

No, I'm not suicidal, pls -- it's an analogy of the thoughts swimming in my head and how sometimes I can't cope with the information overload. Left, right - where to turn, where to go, who to listen to, who to believe.

Bang, bang, and it's over. But not that fast.

What have I gotten myself into, now?

In my world, things are simple - black and white, yes or no. There is NO ambiguity, NO confusion, NO loss of innocence.

Only nice people who love one another, who would never hurt one another, who would die for each other.

The world that lives in my head is too special to let go of - even for a fleeting second.

Off to KL with a spinning head...

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