I have decided, after speaking with Pastor Ong last night, that indeed, I am happy alone. And I am happy to be alone until I have fully healed, and until there is someone I am confident, God has placed in my life for me.

For now, I want to spend as much time building myself up, improving my relationships between my good friends and I, and most importantly, rebuilding my commitment to God.

I am happy, truly.


Anonymous said...

Hey estee! It is okay to feel lonely sometimes at night or when you're actually alone. I too had a heartbreak few months ago but now i am healing. I listen to radio, go out as much as i can with dear friends even if i am tired, and always tell yourself that one day, one day, you and that special person will find each other. I may not know you personally but i know how you feel. You are one hell of a strong, great, attractive lady. So, you are going to feel ok to be alone soon :) with love! Syl

eStee said...

Thanks Syl! I know everything will be OK in God's time! Happy new year, thanks for your encouragement! :)