Time with my dad

It has been a long time since I've gone out with my dad for dinner alone. I don't even remember the last time to be honest...

But today was one of the rare days where I could shut down my laptop at 730PM and just do nothing. I guess on hindsight, God must want me to rest more, stress less, which is why he has somehow given me an "out" of my situation.

I flew back from KL this afternoon, a day earlier than scheduled. For after 6 months I can say, my fingers were no longer as tense as they were, I felt also, free-er and relieved that I can have a semblance of my normal life back.

March will be a last month of heavy travel, then post March, I will feel like a Singaporean all over again. And I'm excited.

Dad told me about how the Lord has blessed him during his youth -- how he built up his career, how he took risk, how he is what he is today, not because of his strength, but because of the mercies of the Lord.

I agree -- similar to me. With my strength, I can do nothing, but with the Lord, I find myself under the shadow of his wings, I find myself where I am today only because of the grace of the Lord. Oh how good he has been.

I very much enjoyed listening to his "speeches" -- I hardly get any one on one with family anymore -- we are all too busy, maybe my fault, I have been too wrapped up with work to do anything contrary to it. I look at him, he is not the young person he is anymore, but he is still the same person -- my dad.

I pray the Lord will give us more time as a family together as work stress will diminish soon. I feel a weight lift off my shoulders, and I believe God will lead me to where he has called me to be.

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