This is my world

Wow. Has it been ages or not? I've almost forgotten how beautiful writing is... how cathartic it is. My first love X

What has been going on?

Many things.. as October draws near I'm starting to wonder if I should have a Plan B.

But anyway, God has a sense of humour, I keep having to change my mind about different things, so much so that I'm not even sure myself anymore. Some days I am, some days, I'd rather not think about it, some days, I just stone at the thought of it. I'm awesome at sweeping things under the rug.

It's like a speeding train, going at breakneck speed, into a dark tunnel. You know you will soon see the light, but it seems like forever being in the tunnel, and it's just darkness. No light. Everyone tells you the light at the end of the tunnel is soon, but you wait and wait... somehow you wonder if its a myth.

But I can change my destiny! I have the freedom to change it, but do I? Do I have the freedom? Will I be re- calibrated?

Everything will be OK, all this mumbo jumbo.

I hate the smell of my sofa, it gives me a headache. I never used to be so sensitive to smells, but in this new house, everytime I sit on this sofa, I get a headache.

I have made some new friends.

Annie and Henry came over last week. I had a good time. I like her a lot, she is such a sweetheart. The only thing that keeps me going at work is the wonderful people I get to host.

Esther has left, I wonder if my parents feel like it's an empty nest at home. They will just have to get used to it.

I never forget a face.

I guess that's all I have time for now, its back to making a living.

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