S'poreans favorite 4 letter word

We live day to day forgetting how to appreciate the simpler things in life. The a flower blooms, a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the good morning hugs over breakfast.

Have we all become insolent, insensitive beings? Driven for $$, fame and forgetting the source of all life -- LOVE? It's funny but this post is inspired by a survey by the british council which states that a singaporean's favourite word is love. Can you believe that "money" falls in at 13th? I wonder how much truth there is to this but its concerting, yet disconcerting at once. Is this for real or are we in deep denial?

Without tears, we would not understand joy..
Without pain, we would not fathom pleasure..
Without love, we would never grasp hate..
Without hunger, we would never appreciate a full belly..
Without death, we would not embrace life..
Without poverty, we would never understand charity..
Without disappointment, we could never savor success..
2 sides of a spectrum, which side are you on?


Anonymous said...

I thought Singaporeans' favourite 4 letter word is "Sian".

H. said...

Here's a quote (one of my favs) from Kahlil Gibhran:

"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven? And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?"

Perhaps how far you go in the negative spectrum decides how far you can go in the other.

Anonymous said...

I love that condominum
I love that sport car
I love that Prada bag
I love those long queuing donuts

haha not to hard to imagine that love is singaporean favourite 4 letter word right?

Peter said...

Deprivation produces hunger and needs. The less you get, the more you desire. It is the nature of human to cherish only after having lost something - a point of total deprivation. When fed with tons of chocolate, there is an exponential desire/hunger for more, however there is a peak for this desire, with the overwhelming satisfaction of consumption, when hit, the hunger eases out drastically, and remains in that way for a long time. When the environment allows you still to get more, the choice to dispose or to to give out, or still to force yourself to consume despite of the fulfillment is a hard one. The more choices you can have, the less flexible you can be. Fewer choices give you more flexibility and produces more result, however, all these are built on the assumption that people know where their commitments are and stay committed throughout the courses of change, which only those insanely passionate can uphold.

Behind a seemingly happy facade and pragmatic ways of handling problems, the sublime devotion to a better living standard, the craving need to realize the dream you always had, and the burning desire to be someone you always dreamt of being - they speak out aloud. Having chosen your side, you are resolved to win the game, any compromises that come along only appears miscellaneous comparing those opportunities which seem so shining and wonderful. So why ask? Your mind produces ideas cause you to sway, to be undecided in issues that could be trivial in a long term, but huge ones in the short term.

Even you imagine and prepared for them to be fully perfect, there is imperfection in perfection, just as there is light in darkness and life in death.

Absolutely an non absolute comment - a grain of salt included

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!

hmm...on a totally unrelated note..can i know where you got these cartoons? I have been seeing them pop up so often in other websites as well but i just can't seem to know where to get them!!! And its driving me crazy!!

I wld be very gladful if you cld share with me :P Many Many thanks in advance Geek Goddess!!

eStee said...

tcl: www.ponandzi.com

All: Thanks for your comments, snf nuggets of wisdom. Keep the comments coming, I love them!! Cheers me up!

Å®çåñë ĉåñţïçłξ said...
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Å®çåñë ĉåñţïçłξ said...

One may argue that "... the soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears ..." yet, I believe that life is only as good as one makes it ... life is unfair and that's great news coz it needn't always be unfair towards you!

As for love being the "favorite" 4 letter word for Singaporeans ... it's just a stat, get over it ... favorite doesn't really even mean anything ... I could do a study get the exact opposite result just by phrasing the questions differently, you should know having studies psychology ... besides the story that durian or can or lah is the favorite word for Singaporians just doesn't make headlines!

Anonymous said...

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