811 Parody: Xiaxue & Mr. Nuffnang & BlackHighHeels!

We watched 881 today. To be honest I didn't really enjoy it. It was really sad. I ended up tearing at the end. Most of the dialogue I cannot understand, save for the vulgarities that my granny uses as well.

It was a bit cheesy to be honest, plus I think it is a bit too cheena for me. I don't rub on well with Chinese movies. Nonetheless, I think Royston Tan did a good job..

So for those who have watched it, you will understand this little parody... :) Something Ming, Wendy and Mike came up with. The little "cake-like-thing" was bought by Stanley and Evelyn..


Anonymous said...

I dont understand the parody.

Probably because I didnt watch the 811 show? :P

eStee said...

Yup you have to watch the show to get it, dear!

huckerby said...

erm, it's 881, not 811.

eStee said...

OK the I better change.. so paiseh! Goes to show how much I wasnt paying attention!

xing said...

i think i get it. it about the sharing of that cake right ? yi ren yi ban. each person have half, feeling wont fade.

eStee said...

xing: u so cllleeevvveerrr!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl my link is wrong lah...haha.


Hee didn't know that you actually took a video that nite!

Anonymous said...

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