I Need You..

I recently met a friend who was in an abusive relationship but couldn't bear to walk out. I know it isn't easy but my dear things don't change. Start loving yourself...

I always thought I needed you but now I know I'm wrong
With or without you, I know I can still be strong
I thought I'd die if you ever walked away
But just to let you know boy, I'm loving everyday
One moment I was special, the next I wasn't there
Now I don't give a hoot, whether or not you care
I'll walk down my own path, I'm better off alone
For the ways you treated me, you'd had better go atone
I've found back my skip in my step, that song in my throat
You can jolly well go off and rock someone else's boat
I don't care if you don't care, I don't care if you do
I haven't got the time, really - really thank you
Don't be surprised if I ask you to walk away
I'd rather do without you, today or any other day
You thought I'd hang on, something like a leech
Think it's time you moved on to some other bitch
You used to be my hero, the only thing I saw
But now all you are is a huge unmotivated bore
I can't believe you meant that much, I must have been blind
To have fallen so hard for something of your kind
Your rules and laws I worshiped but that's just history
Good bye to you, I've found my right to be free...


Anonymous said...


where do you get those new pics of pon and zi?


eStee said...

Hey babe.. I have a secret stash! :) I draw them up myself! :)

eStee said...

By the way, dawnie, this poem was written for... u know whu.. ur mister iranian guy and mr... man.. i dun even know his name anymore. That white dude who was a jerk. Man.. he doesn't even matter enough for me to recall his name.. hey! It's glenn? yea, I found the name. Glenn. He can go bugger off if he wants to hurt u!

Anonymous said...

awww....thank you, my dear. I like the poem. Very like that Pink song. I'd be fine. I think that life comes along and trips me but I always get up, brush myself off and move on.

Remember, sometimes you have to go through a little hell to get to heaven.


Pleasure Delayer said...

Amazing that going through such a turmoil in your life you were able to step up and make that "hey MBAs I am here to help you... I am here to watch you" presentation... Yeah Yeah ... I would call it superstarpreneurship hahahahaha

Take care and your blog was definitely the best part of the class. Hope you do not mind I am reading it

Shingo T said...

Love yourself before you love someone else.

By first loving yourself, you will be happy.
Then you love someone else to amplify this happiness.

Smile. ^_^

eStee said...

pleasure delayer: hey you! thanks for stopping by! I am not going through turmoil of any kind, this is written for a friend.. :)

eStee said...

shingo: i totally agree with u - loving others means loving yourself first! :)

Anonymous said...

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