A TV Channel ONLY for Bloggers! Be a STAR!

Blogs are a great way to express our feelings and can also be a personal space for us to emote. In today’s stressful and fast paced society, the hussle an bussle of everyday life can drown out your voice. There are a hundred and one avenues by which we can express our individuality - be it that fancy new cell phone or that new fashion accessory, an individual constantly screams to be heard or seen… WAIT! Now individuals are also screaming to be read too!

Famous bloggers such as Wendy Cheng, Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi, Steven Lim and Dawn Yang all have their personal blogsites by which they “bitch” on. These famous bloggers have chalked up a decent readership, with Wendy Cheng, Singapore’s top blogger averaging about 20 000 unique hits a day. With the event and the rise of famous bloggers as such, the “smaller time bloggers” – for the lack of a better word - are sometimes drowned out by the crowd. If you’re one of them, this is your chance to not only be read, but seen!

BlogBuzz.tv is a new online channel, the brain child of producer, Todd Murray and his passionate team at Activechannel.tv. BlogBuzz.tv is one of the many channels they aim to be airing online and believe that it is an excellent way to reach out to youths, other bloggers as well as the more tech-savvy crowd. Afterall, this is but the beginning of the digital age… we’ve only truly just begun!

BlogBuzz.tv is an online television channel that launched less than a month ago and is averaging about 200 unique hits a day (and growing!)! BlogBuzz.tv seeks to give these smaller and less influential bloggers a voice. Estee Teo, who goes by the alias of 9eek9oddess, a smalltime bloggers herself (and a PROUD member of The Digital Movement), hosts this show and her aim is to not only bring the latest news in the blogosphere to the masses, but also to highlight the achievements of “bloggers in the heartland” and help to unearth what’s hot and what’s -- NOT. Each episode lasts for 3-5 minutes and is an interview session with an individual blogger or representative of a blogging organization. It is not meant to be a information brain draining, power packed cerebral work out session, but more of a casual chit chat with the interviewee – somewhat a short conversation over coffee; the setting is casual and informal. (beach gear allowed, if you dare J)

So far, 7 episodes have been recorded, but only 3 are on air to date. Those interviewed so far are U-zyn (founder of ping.sg), the ping.sg community, a baker who blogs (or blogger who bakes) about his recipes and produce, a 16 year old spanking new blogger who survived a stroke, 3 suicide attempts and started up his own motivational company, an entrepreneur and public speaking coach, The Digital Terrorist, Singapore’s representative of Global Voices (global blogging platform) and a mainlnd Chinese blogger.

For those who are bloggers and want to be heard, or for organizations and companies who use blogs innovatively to spead their message, or even if you know a good blogger who is shy to be hear (but should!) please ping Estee @ estee@thedigitalmovement.org to schedule a slot!

Triple woooot to social media! This is your chance to SSCCRREEAAAMMM!


Anonymous said...

my dear,

you know which webbie you should be promoting yah? heh heh.

love ya,


eStee said...

;0 yea i know sweetums, so u have to come back to singapore and I can interview u la!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the invisible voice of the blog, you are the visible face of the blog...together we make a bitchin' blog...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hm.. bookmarked thread :))