Charity DInner with Nuffnang, Xiaxue & Company!

Thanks to Nuffnang, Wendy, Mike, Ming, Stanley and I went to Aston prime over the weekend for yummy food! It was a charity event held to raise fund for the less fortunate. It's times like these where we see people stepping out to do their part. It's sometimes hard to fathom the plight of the less fortunate unless you really are in their shoes. And people like Dr. Tay, who is probably upper class, arranging for such events to take place, really shows that there still is some good in the world.

Thanks to Dr. Leslie Tay and Aston's generosity, we had a great night of food, fun, fellowship and best of all, they managed to raise a Grand Total of $7167 for the Andrew and Grace Home for troubled teens.

iEat was an event held by Singapore's top blogger, ieatishootipost (Dr. Leslie Tay) at Aston prime, a steakhouse along Joo Chiat road that serves the BEST (no kidding!) food.

About over 40 bloggers attended the event, most of which were Dr. Tay's blog fanatics! :)

Here: Stanley, Mike (Wend's bf) and Ming!

That's us, with out auction placcards! We were supposed to use them to bid for...

necklaces like these! Sponsored by Bead hub! But camwhores as we were, it was no surprise we were.... *hee hee*

But none the less, I have proof that I worked hard at designing my placcard. I think Wendy deserved to win, but then we didn't! We lost to some other dude, although I still think ours was WAAAYY better!! Hrrrmpphh!

Ming, Wendy, Mike and Stanley had the steak which was soooo super yummy! *drool* I swear the cut was like insanely good and apparently the meat had to be prepared 3 days in advance!

I had the King Salmon, which in my opinion was yummier than the steak, it would literally melt in the mouth. You really have to try it to believe it!

Of course, the starter and the dessert were no disappointments either. I'm definitely bringing my parents there once we find the time!

Thanks to Dr. Tay, Nuffnang and all involved for such a great weekend! Toodles!


brian koh said...

wow! this is great! that's real lunch 2.0 right there. but apart from the silly technical terms and jargon we come up with, glad to see the blogosphere and you active and taking part in community -)

eStee said...

Thank Mr. KOH :) It was a real fun time we had ya know! Plus I think my tummy was the most satisfied of the lot!

JuZ JZin said...


ur auction placcards are sooo pwetty!
tho0ugh not sure abt the dude that won pics?

and i guess u highly recommend Aston Prime? I'm thinking of checking it out

Anonymous said...

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