*ADV* I like BLING, but I'm not a HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRL...

Yes, I do like the bling, but I'm not materialistic or high maintenance. Oxymoron here? Hear me out...

"Cuz we are living in a material world and I'm a material girl..." screeches Madonna at the top of her lungs. Yes, I've belted out this song a thousand times before, and I remember once getting told off by daddy. "What kind of girl sings such songs?"... "Girls who like Madonna and appreciate good music?", I quibbed.....

We look at these many faces of hollywood stars, the glitz the glamour... and I think every girl wishes just for one day that they could lead the life of the rich and famous. Fame, fortune and ...faux fur!!! :) But what do all these pretty ladeees have in common?

Right, they all have the bling. It seems like the media is telling us that only when you can own the bling, can you truly carry a smile on your face.


The thing is I have ALWAYS wanted to make my own jewellery, but never had the creativity or patience to do so, it seemed much easier to get something premade. But the problem with mass produced premade stuff is that... when you go out, you see someone wearing the exact same piece... BUMMER!

"Hey Noah, I think I wore this outfit first..."
"Says who, Nolan"
"Says me, I'm sure I chose it first"
"Fine, let's take it to mummy.."

One thing I absolutely dislike is going out and finding I'm putting on the same piece of clothing or jewellery as someone... For clothes, it's kind of hard to get everything tailor made or buy everything from the most expensive exclusive boutique, but for jewellery, now that's a different story...

For some reason (only know to girls), I like buying my jewellery and accessories online. Y? Because if you buy them from overseas, they are more unique and if you buy them from designers who make only one piece per type, then you'll never encounter the embarrassment of finding you have the exact same piece as someone else on a fateful day!

One shop that I have come across online is Angelicious Creations, maintained by a young jewellery designer named Jaqueline (above) who designs and hand makes all her jewellery herself. You can even customize them at very affordable prices! She imports her beads and pieces from USA, Korea and Japan and sometimes gets her friends to hand carry them! So much for effort!

Earrings Collection (one piece each only!)

Necklace Collection

I really love her jewellery!! They are awesome, I like the rustic feel, very original. To be honest, somehow I wish I was able to have creativity but for me, it's just hard. Not born with the smarts to draw or design. So will have to make do with paying online stores like Angelicious Creations.. but am more than glad to, if the jewellery is nice~ :)

Thank you Jacqueline for introducing me to this site! Angelicious Creations: fulfilling every girl's dream to be special...


Suzann said...

Really nice post! And the jewelry is just gorgeous!!!

eStee said...

Yeap, the jewelery gorgeous. I have a soft stop for self crafted pieces, intricate!!!

Anonymous said...

nothing sells better than the term "unique" or "one piece only". *LOL* Miss you honey!!!! Come soon, I have jewellery for you. hahahaha

Incidentally, I love MATERIAL GIRL...Its like Imelda Hilton's theme song. That and "DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND"


eStee said...

Nah.... Dawn is a girl's best fren. Gwee gwee.

Anonymous said...

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