10 Ways to Know It's LOVE

1. You feel it's no LONGER about you.
Whilst it used to be about "What's for dinner for me tonight?"... it's now changed to "What are we having for dinner tonight". As important as it is to maintain individuality in a relationship -- it's also very much about caring for some other. No longer are u a singular entity. It's "WE" -- your decisions (especially the big ones) affect 2 people.

2. When that person cries, you cry; When he laughs you feel happy

When 2 people are connected so deep;y, it's almost as if your heart is beating as 1.

3. When you have nothing to do, you say a prayer for him.
It's almost as if, you're his guardian angel.

4. When everyone doubts him, you stick by him
For the good, and the bad... and everything in between. Because even if there's no value that anyone sees, you see your knight in shining armour.

5. You can wake up in the morning unglam, but you know he loves u the way u are
It's ok looking all tired and with that bed head look. Afterall, he still gives u a good morning kiss

6. You know he's only a phone call away
He's the "top 3 people you want to call" list when u get good news, or bad. Or even just to talk about nothing at all!

7. You can trust him. You don't have to worry if he'll still be there for u tomorrow, or next month. You just KNOW it.

8. You can give up all your other exes or flings -- in a heartbeat.

Cuz no one else comes close..

9. When you look at him, you look into the future and want to hold his hands.
It doesn't matter how close you are to him, you just want to hold him hands. And squeeze it.

10. He tells you he loves you, without you asking for it.
Your friends know it, and his friends know it too.


Gene said...

This is a good reality check when in doubt sia =)

eStee said...

yup absolutely.. though this list is by no means exhaustive!

Anonymous said...

7/10 for me. hmmm.....

Oh Good God, I'm in love!!!!

(Long pregnant pause)

But wait, I don't think the other person feels the same.


*sick, manical laugh*

eStee said...

dawnie: Your time will come, darl!

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... =)

so sweeeeet.

eStee said...

dweam: hope u and "him" get back together!!

Anonymous said...

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