NUS Sexology1101 - NUS demonstrates condom wearing?!?

Who would have known that an NUS course actually demonstrates LIVE how to put on a condom?!?

Isn't that like.. sorta TABOO??? But anyway, yesterday during class, we has a hands on demonstration, and I tell you, the girls (pretended to) squeal so much, basically, that made me crack up like a bag of pop corns...

It was the Pediatric Psychology class we were in and there was a topic of presentation on HIV. Yeap, so the presentation group decided to teach us how to say NO to premarital sex (to prevent HIV) ... but I guess that brought yawns to many of the students so, being the new radicals they were, they probably thought that the best thing to so was to show them how to PREVENT STDs.

They seriously brought a zuccini and a condom and told us to learn how to put it on.. giving us step by step instructions....

My dear classmate was "daring" enough to try so I just kept snapping pics. Eh such rare oppotunities in NUS must document OK!!!!!!

Seriously.. I don't think another NUS course will allow this... hehehe

STEP 1: Rip the foil

STEP 2: HOLD the "zuccini"

STEP 3: PINCH THE TIP (of the condom, to create a vacuum)


STEP 6: LET GO (smile and wave at your achievement)


THERE! All in a day's work! Moral: Either abstain or use protection. HIV kills.


Boss Stewie said...

what a lousy class.. i mean.. the size of that "zuccini" doesn't even reflect the actual size of an asian man's manhood. I mean that zuccini is way too small... what an understatement.

Unknown said...

Well I don't think sex education is taboo in Singapore. And if this really helps, Singaporeans should learn to accept it with open arms. I mean, c'mon... No doubt *cough* some *cough* of the teenagers are engaging in premarital sex, and they are already prone to STD's without them knowing. It's still better to be safe then sorry. If these kind of public education has impacted and imbued some common sense into them, then it should be carried out frequently.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this education is good for everyone. Its good to learn how to prevent. Prevention is always better than regret. :)

eStee said...

stewie: hun it's not the size dude, it's the motion of the ocean :)

haha... I wonder if ur nose is growing longer while saying this :)

dermapthera: I think it should be carried out more often! In my 24 years of education in Singapore, this is the first time... and what's more, it was a student lead session, so the lecturer had no idea before hand that this was going to happen..

surfnux: yeap, indeed prevention is better than cure. (or for HIV, death)

Quickening said...

I can never chop a zuccini the same way again.

Anonymous said...

Instructions should also include foreplay on the "Zuccini" to allow the condom to be slipped on...

Anonymous said...


The use of a zucchini is so apparently the wishful hopes of an optimistic person... and incidentally, they forgot to mention that you don't have to a hands on approach to put it on; there are alternative means. *evil hamsup laugh*

In any case, Australia has a good campaign for this... It takes two to tango i.e. the pill to prevent pregnancies but the condom to prevent STDs...

btw, my dear estee, if you can actually say it's not the size but the motion of the ocean, then i'd have to say you might be waxing lyrical from a theoretical point of view...size isn't everything but you still need something to work with

Miccheng said...

SOme of the girls will be so disappointed when they see the real thing.

"What? So small? 5 inch only?"

You know... this demo seems more like a 2-person operation...


Unknown said...

I agree with Stewie. We don't want the ladies to think that they are actually as small as that tiny little zuccini. And Dawn is right too about the motion ocean thing. Those words just rhyme thats all.

Satkuru said...

hahahaha stewie :P

swt man, never expected this kinda thing to be taught in class. great write up :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe the student should get a refund.

Unknown said...

Estee, what did you guys do to that poor zuccini to get it to stand at attention?

eStee said...

krisandro: i like that comment very very much :)

dawnie: u know best rite?

mic: I took pics of my groups' only. Each group has one set of "apparatus" to operate on. Each grp had about 4 people. so fair to say 4 to 1 contraption.

michael: u seem to be the SEXpert here :)

satkuru: yea NUS especially.. shocker. But then again this was a student lead class, not lecturer intended at all..

john: haah refund?? for what??

michael: If I told u' I'd have to KILL U! :) hahaha thaty's a trade secret!!

lordalfa said...

Errmmm! Who sponsored the course/condom? Durex? They should sponsor. It increases sales.

4Ps of marketing. Product(Condom), Price(How much is it for 3 now?), Place(7-11, Petrol station), Promotion(This course is sponsored by Durex)

eStee said...

julian: haha pls don't tell me u work for durex.... haha.. r u their undercover evangelist.. or an expert user?? haha

Unknown said...

That poor zuccini. He grew up thinking he would make a nice side vegetable for a family dinner someday. Instead someone slipped a plastic bag over his head.

Anonymous said...

Wait wait...let me guess, this is just an introduction. Its the 1st few week of Pediatric Psychology,yes?
Perhaps NUS will hire some hot guys and you can try on the real thing.
(You know, putting on the real thing is not the same as putting it on a zuccini. Zuccini has a fixed size)

Anonymous said...

I know why! It's because of that article that said something like 64% of NUS students have sex once a week or sth!

eStee said...

michael: someone suffocated the zuccini... but then again, at least it could have said he lived his last few moments in a bubble..

3point8: I did ask some of the guys in our class to really live demonstrate... but they were like... WTH

uniquefrequency: how accurate is that? I really don't think so u know.. man that statistics is scarey!

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for the validity of the survey cos they didn't reveal sample and methodology, but it's here:

I have to admit if it IS 64% it would be pretty surprising!

eStee said...

uniquefrequency: hmmmm, we better have more classes like these in NUS if what ur survey says is true!!!

Anonymous said...

miss teo.... that response makes me come across as the biggest skank on earth and that is sooooooo not true (and such a low blow, btw!!!!)


Dun ruin my reputation lei....some of us trying to work on showing our demure side.... *hee*

Shanewei said...

OMG.. Education is getting pretty intense these days huh? :)

Unknown said...

64% is ridiculous - do any of you guys study there?

If you ask guy for live demo and he say no that mean he *smaller* than zuccini.

eStee said...

dawnie: ur the purest virgin in the world. Im not being sarcastic.

shanewei: intense it is.. it is...

michael: I'm from NUS ok, I doubt those stats...


cAmOuFLagE said...

wow..sounds great! you can become more famous then..haha :p

eStee said...

camouflage: i scared NUS kick me out!!!

Anonymous said...

You're all idiots, I was in her class and this did not happen. Maybe it should happen, cuz sex education in Singapore is non-existent. You have to know that learning sex ed from your friends (14 to 25 year olds) is like the blind leading the blind, and asian parents think it's too embarrassing of a subject, or as long as they (children) don't know about it, then sex won't happen. Well I have news for all of the parents out there, Mother Nature can't be stopped, your little boys and girls are going to grow up to be young men and women who are ill-informed about sex. You should all rally for a class on sex education taught by teachers in primary 6 or secondary 1. That way by the time they're in college they will have enough of the correct information to make well informed decisions. The basic college sex-ed class should be obsolete by college, and the psychology of sex should be discussed.

Unknown said...

send us a link to shin min daily where this is featured

eStee said...

nattydred: what u mean u were in this class and it did not happen? This was my tutorial class.. are u in it?

Michael: I want to find it too, I didn't know it was on until a new paper reporter called me. Think shinmin thurs or fri edition.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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