Genevieve's 25th birthday pics!

Hey darlings, sorry I haven't been blogging.... starving you readers.

I started work last Friday, so got a lot to learn and did I say a lot to learn!! I quite love my work!! :) Anyway here's some pics of Gen's 25th birthday party! Happy Birthday babe!!!! We went to Chijmes to celebrate on Sunday night and THANK GOD Monday was a public holiday!!!

Happy Birthday Gen!

Gen, Ming and I :)

Gen and Ben - soooo schweeet!!!

Alex with the girls... now why am I not suprised???

Gen, Ming and I again....

Gen with her shuai -ges (handsome guys)

I promise i'll blog more this weekend. Now, it's just pics to show for k??? Enjoy... love u all!


Anonymous said...

genevieve is really pretty. u're pretty too estee ;)

eStee said...

so r u sammmm!!!

Anonymous said...

is genevieve the diligent type? tell me if i'm correct. i'm learning how to read faces lol

eStee said...

yes very diligent lawyer!

Anonymous said...

lawyer omg no wonder she has that distinctive look! which i'm yet to develop. heH! LOOL

eStee said...

u already have it sam... im serious.. its just a class.

Anonymous said...

i'll take that as motivation estee. the 2nd last year of finishing up this law degree thingy is killing me. what more to say my last year.

thanks babe. will try do my best in my finals in august. lots of love, xoxoxox.

Anonymous said...

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