9eek 9oddess in HongKong Day 1

So Yes I’m back and going to blog about my wonderful time out with Mr. Ben. As usual, on my way to meet him at central, from mongkok, I got lost. No surprise there; considering that I’m the first person many people would think about when the word “directionally savvy” comes into mind.

From Mongkok, Central is merely 5 stops away but apparently, I took the wrong train, had to get off, repurchase ticket and ended up meeting Ben an 45 min late. Worse thing, in the MTR, cannot sms him – NO RECEPTION!

So Ben met me at Chater house in Central, where he works for the great JP morgan. Chater house is connected to The Landmark building.. and basically, it’s like a huge paragon. You see this like multiple storey building of LV and huge labels… Nope asnd if you were wondering, I didn’t dare walk into any of the shops – NO MONEY NO TALK.

But I was very happy window shopping with Ben though, we walked to the IFC (International Financial Center) where I did more browsing of the pradas, Diors, Chanel, (you get the idea)…

Hongkong’s weather can get hazy, but overall, the skyline is really pretty. Somehow made me think of home very much. The people I wish I could share this great moment with. We walked a bit more to Victoria Harbour, took a stroll by the harbour, reminisced about hall life etc. Victoria Harbor was pretty – we were there just in time for a laser show, so we must have been in luck.

After which, we took a ferry from Central back to Tsim Tsa Tsui in the mainland.

He showed me more shopping there, the underground small shops selling quirky stuff then we headed to Causeway Bay dinner.

Ben said he knew this affordable Jap restaurant with great sushi for affordable price. The food was great, the staff were scurriedly serving us since that place was packed like sardines. Ben had Foie Gras sushi (which I hate!), we had our california rolls, makis, sashimi, unagi, ebi, etc. Yummy. I just love Jap food, really – can’t go that wrong with me for sure J


You can see how much we ate rite???? Yummy :)

Anyways, later that night, he came over to my room and I showed him my comfy little hotel. Land is so expensive here that the residents here literally live in match boxes. We chatted about everything under the sun, he told me more about his life in hong kong and what's the lifestyle like here.

It's really interesting how overseas stints can change one person. Ben used to be this kor kor of mine, bumbling around, teaching me my warcraft tactics, but now, he seems much wiser...

I'm really blessed for him to bring me around. I would have felt so lonely if no one took me out. One girl all alone in a foreign country -- makes you wanna go eat a can of worms right???

Toodles, you all, that's almost enough for a night. Tomorrow's the HP press event. Think it's going to eb damn exciting cuz I'll get to see first hand the newest product lineup. What's more, the rest of Singapore media is here. Cnet, Hardware zone, pc mag, digital life plus Melvin said he'd introduce me to other bloggers such as Angus Lau

I'll update more as the day goes by... Love lots! XOXOXOX


Meow said...

That seems to be Ben's favourite Jap restaurant. He brought me to that place too.

eStee said...

meow: it was like super man; and the price was affordable... when were u in hk?

Anonymous said...

i brought you to different one... i brought estee to one in causewaybay.. yours was in LKF.. but the food at both equally good :D

anyway when did i become Mr Ben Madam Teo?

eStee said...

Mr Ben sounds wiser.... madam teo saound OLDER!!! I OBJECT!!!

Anonymous said...

think about it... if you were an army regular you would be an officer by now! So madam Teo is right on! *salute*

Anonymous said...

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