PAIN keeps you ALIVE

As I browse through the many memories in my life... I always reminisce about the good and the bad.. and somehow, when I feel a bit sad it always helps to blog.

Many things have come and gone. Some have left a great impression, some have faded in the wind, but some seem to tug at the heartstrings ever so often -- leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

Meeting friends from yonder years have constantly reminded me of my very young days, my "past lives" as well as some of the greatest as well as worst moments of my youth... and it brings to sometimes reflect on what I am today; what I have become.

Truly, what I am today is a combination of many experiences. The tough and hurtful ones have taught me how to be strong, how to love self-sacrificially, how to challenge myself, how to stand up for my beliefs and how to pick myself up when I fall into a pool of glass bits.

The beautiful ones have shape me to be a better person, to know what I need, what makes me happy, who I really love and what to work towards.

There's perhaps nothing wrong with looking back into the past, but what's great about the past is that -- it precisely is the past. Dwelling in things that have whizzed by eons ago isn't going to earn me a living (or pay for my petrol bills, for that matter).

What matters is the present. The NOW. What I have, what I own, the things and people that surround my life. And for one thing I know, it's been nothing but a facelift, nothing but a triple fudge chocolate cake upgrade.

My good friends are doing well, my gfs are getting married, I have the most wonderful family, I have the bestest boyfriend in the universe, I like my job, I worship a LIVING GOD.

I'm going to smile myself to sleep tonight. Life is great :) -- just as it is.

What a mighty God I serve.


espieee36 said...

amen and yes we should love ourselves cos we are the fingerprints of God :)

Shingo T said...

Sh*t comes every now and then - adversity makes us appreciate things better for what they are.

Love every minute of life and blog on! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain... :-)

eStee said...

yay we live; we learn, we grow; we die... part of mother nature's cycle..

Anonymous said...

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