The beauty of FIREWORKS

Hello World:

I know I haven't been updating, but busyness has come to a new level. I can't even begin to explain.

These are really backdated pics from BKK over the new yr. Yes we were there, thankfully not in Santhika, the blub that was burnt to bits.

Never partied anyway.

As you can see, we had good food... Ming's mother wanted us to take a shot with our suckling pig cuz he's born in the year of a pig.
My piglet so handsome!!!! :)

And more good food....

In the lounge waiting... and waiting... to go into the Krisflyer lounge where more food to be served.

Just before meal shot...

Finally a "NON-FOOD" related shot. These pics were taken usming Ming's very new D700 Nikon. Pretty hor? I never grow sick of fireworks. Somehow or rather, there is this kid in me that longs to jump into the sky and cling on to those clusters of stars that shower down whenever there is a display.

It ain't too bad being a firework. Although your life might be transient, you life a full life, in all your glory, briefly for the happiness of others...

Good night. May this week bring me joy and not stress, may I conquer this week. No more fears.