Shoe Accordian -- my kinda thing!

Hello my lovelies, I just got back from KL. Went there for a short 2 day trip with Ming. Was pretty awesome because I got to go shopping. Plus the 2X5 hours bus ride there was so useful. I actually managed to clear quite a lot of work. I was the only one cranking my laptop until it was "juice-less" while everyone was sleeping; but it's a great feeling to actually be back home -- to sunny and clean Singapore. :)

Bought new shoes and eat like the freaking best BAK KUT TEH in the world. I love fu chok in bak kut teh. Power man!

Anyway, I'm putting a pic of a great gift for any girl. Boys, buy this for your gf. I was dying to get it -- it cost RM 179; pretty ok if you convert to SGD, but it wasn't foldable, so wasn't able to lug it back home in the coach.

CHECK THIS BABY OUT MAN!!! It brings "SHOE RACK" to a totally new level.

I call it the MAGIC SHOE ACCORDIAN... :)

XOXO!!! :)


Kiev said...

You can buy this at some shops in Singapore. I saw a couple of shops selling them along the road where Scarlet hotel is.

Anonymous said...

It's part of the Rakku Shoe Wheel series, and quite a number of shops in Singapore carry them now.

One is Anthropologie at Raffles City.

eStee said...

kiev: r u for real? OK i will take a look, i really like ittttt :)

Toukarin: Is it expensive??

Kiev said...

yup, its for real. what you showed was a semi circle. I shall some full circle kind. hehe

Anonymous said...

Nope, it's not too ex. The smaller one (in your photo) should be $150+ odd. Still beats buying individual transparent shoe boxes for $20 each.

eStee said...

yaaay ok... i went today but didnt know which shops... that whole row just bars!

Kiev said...

It should be on the road facing along Scarlet hotel facing Maxwell hawker center (beside the carpark). =)

Anonymous said...

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