Happy Hearts Day! *loves to all*


Have a super v-day to lovers out there.. and to friends.... may friendship last :)

Ming's parents had anniversary dinner today, and we tagged along.
The previous year we had gone too, and we wouldn't miss this one for sure :)

Egg Pearl Soup (dun ask me what it was, it tasted like silken toufu!)


DESSERT!!! :) *yums*

Anniversary cake...

Happy V-day Boo Boo! :)

May we grow old together
(but may I always look young)


Simon Seow said...

Wishes you looking young always.

eStee said...

amen to that.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Heya Estee, I've just landed my paws on a loaner unit of the Viv Tam netbook, courtesy of Intel (for a short period). Took it for a spin last weekend, took it to dinner. Lemme know if you're interested.

T said...

Re: Viv Tam loaner, DM me on twitter @unfluff (Tania from Ogilvy here).

Anonymous said...

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