Ahhh so that's the way.

I helped Jaren pick up a girl a fortnight ago. At vivocity.

This XMM (xiao mei mei), 18 years old at a candy shop - yes how apt.

This full grown man, 30 years old, very very smart. Works in a hedge fund, not bad looking, loaded, well you get the drift.

But totally broken down in her presence. Didn't dare to speak much to her, and in the end, ended up buying candy from the owner of the shop, who was male. So much for ROI >_<

Irritated, as I stood at the corner watching, if I didn't go save his ass, he'd probably have to walk out empty handed, save for a jar of candy he was not going to eat anyway.

Hah. My dear friend, needed me, of all people to come to the rescue. To think I walked with him all the way after the movie to the candy shop, you think I'd expect myself to walk in vain?

I have no qualms getting a girl's number. I mean , seriously, this girl is 18 years old (Jaren is a tad bit pedophillic), looks sweet, what have I got to lose? Plus I was in a rush and didn't want to see this MAN dilly dallying...

What I would not do for a friend.... haha.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, I got her number, persuaded her allow me to give it to him and then left it as that. Let's just say he was a very happy man.

As I drove back home on the road, I couldn't help but smile at how a MAN basically became a child, in the presence of another child! Is this how the world works?

Then again, I've know Jaren for forever and he is COCKY, not like that at all, then my mind goes back to thinking how long this infatuation of his will last.

In a week's time... he'd prolly be calling for advice on some other new chick. (which surely will happen, I'll put money on it)

And then my phone rings as I am making a turn onto the highway.... it's Jaren... and he says "Should I call or SMS her, and what should I say?"

I literally LOL-ed. How predictable.

I wonder how many Jarens do we have on this planet, and how many closet Jarens we have... both for females and males...

The world just needs a bit more sincerity and honesty and transparency, then we would have half a chance of ridding ourselves of wars... of any kind.

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