Certain phrases I always hear but seldom fully fathom.

"Don't blame the player, blame the GAME".

What exactly does this statement mean? Probably coined up by some dumbass jerk, to make excuses for his lack of responsibilities.

I TOTALLY blame the player. He was the one who invented the game. One day it will come up from behind and eat him up. And I will be there to watch, with a huge smile plastered across my face!

"Nan Ren Bu Huai, Nu Ren Bu Ai".

I can somehow understand this, to an extent, I guess. People don't appreciate things that come easy; its human nature. People very much more enjoy "the chase" or "the thrill".

But this is NOT sustainable. One day she will look at the trouble you are, the wrinkles you've caused, the white hairs she has grown, throw her hands up in the air, and walk away. Then it will be all too late. I'd rather "ai" a "guai nan ren". ANYTIME. But which rock are they hiding under?

Good night!

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