Look Away

I've become very good at - yes - looking away.

Looking away from what I don't want to see despite there being too much evidence to prove the existence of a particular thing.

I have become a master of sorts of delusion. Self, or otherwise!

My days are so busy anyway, there is hardly time to think about anything serious.

And as I look to Christ to find comfort within the storms around me, I see a light, growing stronger and beckoning me. I've tried to run away before, but I don't get far. And as I drive with the radio on, I switch it off promptly and remember the times when I didn't need music to occupy my mind, it was filled with the holy of holies.

For all those guardian angels, don't forget me please. I'm swimming amongst sharks and I'd rather not trust anyone lightly, ever again. Who knows their intentions, only them.

As I only know mine.

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