Fear Protects

And for every good reason. The fight or flight syndrome.

It really sometimes is not for you to make an active decision, because it is a knee jerk reaction. In an instant, your brain weighs its options, and subconsciously decides for you which path to take. Sometimes, you win, sometimes you lose.

So just when you find a pocket of chance for you to decide for yourself, it's best you do it, before your body decides for you and then, you cannot blame anyone any longer.

I wish I had the magical ability like X-Men to see through the heart. To know the real thoughts of someone else, to be able to weed out fact from fiction. Then, I would be able to easily, severe off the things and people that don't matter at all. It doesn't pay to be nice to everyone, perhaps. But I have lived by that mantra for like forever?!?!??!?!?!

I could have been right all along, the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Perhaps it is just instincts. And it's not that I'm born skeptical, it's just that some things are too good to be true. So please, I'm going to "attempt" to disappear when the smoke screen is still up. To think the fool in me wanted to cancel my plans  -- please it's full steam ahead.

I'm believing what goes around comes back around, better not live if your shadow doesn't trust you. I might be childish at times, but I choose to view life through rose coloured glasses, it makes me happy, puts a spring in my step, a tune in my ears, a flutter in my heart and that's all that matters. You have not earned your right to understand what stirs deep beneath, and the only person that ever saw, blew it.

I'm going to take my heart back with me in my little treasure chest. While it's still full of the good stuff :)

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