Just got back from dinner at Kinki @ Customs House with Edward and Cheryln. The food is soooo yummy, but so overpriced -- but worth a 3rd try anyway for sure!


I came back home and stumbled upon Jon Schmidt's "Love Story Meets Viva La Vida"... and hearing it literally made my hair stand on ends!!! It's such a beautiful piece, but what's more beautiful is the story behind it.

Jon Schmidt had arranged this song for his 7 year old daughter, since it was her favourite Taylor Swift song. It's so beautiful, especially when the key changes, it's like you can almost feel daddy's copious love for his little one.

I think the role a father plays in his daughter's life is super important. I won't know the role a father plays in his son's life because I am not a son, nor do I know of any boys who have shared much about their relationship with their dads.

But for sure, I think a father is a pillar stone to his daughter's life. She sees how her father treats her mother, and if he treats mummy well, will find that as she grows older, will look for someone who somewhat resembles her father. Because she sees him as a role model.

If she sees dad ill treating mum, then she will swear to find herself someone who is the polar opposite of her dad. And that leaves her very confused - she won't know what are the good qualities a real man should have. Because all men will probably turn into dads one day too.

So you see fathers, you can make or break your daughters. So please be good to them, because they may never say so, but you mean everything to them.

Good night :)


ren said...

We did a live rendition of the song for our wedding march!

eStee said...

its sooo awesome :)