Take time 2 Realize

Second time posting this song by Colbie Caillat, but in a totally different context. As I look back, I am amazed at how the tides have turned... almost too soon...

The original meaning of this song is about how 2 friends have been friends for so long -- they are afraid to take the next step to try to move things forward because they are afraid that if things don't work out, their friendship will be lost, and things will never be the same again. Their friendship means too much for them to risk jeopardizing the fine balance of being lovers and friends.

Somehow, in some very queer way, reminds me of Mingwei and I back in secondary school. Although he had expressed interest, I could never take the leap only because he meant too much to me. The late night phone calls, the private jokes, and oh the mischief we got ourselves into -- just us 2. And then, Cheryln came along and swept him off his feet. And then I remember feeling truly elated for them, and then I was sure I made the right decision. See, saying NO isn't always the wrong thing!

But for me, I think this song has a very different meaning -- it is about a person who is afraid of moving things forward because sometimes, when you do, things change, or people change. And not many things can be said in words, because of the so many social rules and constructs. People telling you to do this and don't do that, act this way and not that. Yet you know that they have your interests at heart, but there are just too many voices speaking at one time, you hardly know which is yours anymore. I wish my heart could sing louder and that the world would have a bit more faith in humankind. It's just way tooooo tainted now with all kinds of sordid games. Makes me really sad. Can we go back to the yesterdays where we lived and loved in monochrome? I don't needs these colours, they just act as blinders.

Fear can be friend or foe. Just that at this mo - I don't know if we're on the same team.

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