Lonely Road

Off to Melbourne in a couple of hours...

A few heartwarming things happened today which made me smile:

1) I went for a show with my sister. Been a while since we had some one on one time together

2) She introduced me to Robin, who was in the cinema too, ahhhh and so we finally meet

3) A friend from long ago fb-ed me to ask if I needed a tour guide in Perth. Unfortunately I'll be in Melbourne :(

4) James told me this morning his room looks worse than like if a hurricane had swept through it. Made me seriously LOL.

5) The girls are going partying this whole weekend. I miss them a hell lot, but I have the perfect excuse to graciously exit from liver abuse.

I'm going to miss many things here in the next 5 days, but its not me to wear my heart on my sleeves.

Hang in there guys, I'll be back before you know it :)


Anonymous said...

EdiÁ•ě with u...

eStee said...

With me? Wow