password protect my blog... seriously...

Anyone knows how to do this on blogger?


I'm starting to think that there are many people who read my blog, when I never intended for them to. And there is this urgency to censor what I write -- but blogger doesnt allow for censorship. What crap. When xanga and wordpress allow password protected posts, blogger doesn't? Seriously...

F1 was effing amazing! The sky suite was awesome, I could really get used to being treated like royalty, the corporate massage, the awesome food and treatment. Man, it's DA LIFE.

My friends are awesome to bring me to cool events like these, dayam I am lucky!


Dorcas asked me what kind of submissive person I am. She said is it the "wear the pink dress, not the green one", "have chicken, not fish", "strip naked on the floor and roll around" kind? Made me laugh a ton! She is a crazy biiattchh. But somehow I feel so comfortable with her, no pretenses, just super cool. I have been hanging out with her almost all weekend, she is like my lesbian partner. Seriously, I spend more time with her than any other girl I think. The last 3 weekends I have spent almost entirely with her, but we have so much fun cracking up anyway, time pasts so fast.

We went to awfully chocolate today for supper and basically laughed the house down. Grace was on hot date with Huei, Gerri off somewhere, CC off with Ming, Candice with jamie, and that left Dorkie and I. But what the hell, I think gfs play a part in your life that a man can never take.

I'm started to have so much fun on weekends, and I feel that I'm beginning to live again. And I think I've just about found out the secret -- never plan your life around someone else. Plan your life around you. Simple.

This is going to be a fab wkend!

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