Put up the wall

I need to put up that wall again, immediately. Don't crumble.


My mother asked me if Ming and I could have the chance is making it work once more. And also yesterday, I received a formspring question on whether I saw a chance of us getting back together because this person thought we complemented each other.

It's very hard to verbalize what caused the demise of the relationship -- there were many factors, but one major one which I cannot say. All I know is during the 4 years together, he made me very happy. I almost don't even remember us fighting a lot, or even ever.

I pray God blesses him in whatever he does - he has a heart of gold.

Tomorrow, 27th Sept, if we had survived, we would have made it past the 4 year mark.

Ming, where ever you are, you probably don't remember the date, I know you are terrible at dates, probably don't remember, but I wish you all the best :)


I have decided that I will not blog about J so often now. When ever I do, it makes me strong and weak at the same time. Strong because I dare to share, weak because I relive a lot of memories. I think I have learnt some things over this weekend, which I need to sit down, digest and put into practice. I keep thinking I've learnt something, but keep getting confused with whatever it is I have learnt -- does that make sense? I really am in the process of learning and relearning. I need to be as nimble as possible, my time is running out. I don't want to snap. I just want peace and to be happy. Please?


And so my "lover" might come with me to KL tomorrow, we'll see!


Cornelius said...

Xiang si li eh lerber?

eStee said...

wah ur hokkien cheem sia