A lot to learn

A reader and friend sent me a really long FB message, which really really touched me.

I have been too hard for too long, need to put some softlan to soften this stone cold heart of mine...

" But someone wise told me to love fiercely, but don't expect. Sounds silly right? Of course I would expect him to be devoted to me in exchange! But gradually, I changed my mindset to be as such:

Love and trust your man wholeheartedly, without holding back. We hold back and kill our feelings because we don't want to be hurt. But rather than killing my feelings, I shall kill my expectations. I shall love happily, with all my heart and soul, without expecting anything back. If he loves me back, I am blessed, and this is man I am meant to be with. If he does not, or does things that are hurtful, then I am blameless, because I have not driven him to that end, and he is simply not The One. And I move on.

In retrospect, I think I overwhelmed my husband with love. He's dated >10 women before me, but I was the only one who moved him enough to love me back."

Could I be that lucky person, to change somebody -- anybody?

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