I have a good mind to delete this blog. Just some days ago, I privatized it, only because J stumbled upon it! Shock, horro, total mayhem. SOoooo many things here are so personal, its hard to think that someone would be able to see me in all that tranparency.

Most of the people who read don't know me anyway, or are from some other country I dont even know where on a map, or of a name I can't even pronounce. But then after 2 days, I decided to make this blog public again.. there are too many strangers reading this, that have become my friends. And I would be too selfish to have privatized it. Afterall, yes sometimes I am ashamed of my problems and hate to have to spell it out for the world, but somehow, it does provide some sort of cartharsis.

So after spending hours on the phone with TMT and CC, the whole bunch of us girls finally convince them to get back together and give it another shot. And so I find out that they do! And the world is a happy place for me once again! Im really happy for her because I really like TMT a lot -- he is good for her.

I am going on a whirlwind trip to HK for CC this weekend, supposed to be a trip to help heal her (and mybe somehow also my) broken heart, but now it will turn into a trip of celebration! :)

I think partially I wanted to go so much because I want to plan my life around me and no one else.


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