"Killed it"

The difference between "KILL IT" and "KILLED IT" is whether or not the act has been done.

Well Done.

I think I might have just contributed to the break up of CC and TMT. Maybe very indirectly although neither of them might admit it.

I sent her a message to tell her to forgive and forget -- and her response?

"I can love wholeheartedly, freely and truly. I did with David. And I did, with TMT. I put all into out relationship. Everything. That's also why I will have no regrets no matter what happens. But I have this thing. Once the person I love does something to deeply hurt me, all that love, that energy and that force, gets automatically channeled into ejecting myself out of that love so I don't have to feel any pain or hurt. That's why I can "get over" someone so easily. It is like a super fast forward push. Auto eject. Married then different - stuck with the fucker."

I want to learn how to be on her ship, for once. Although I want to be as strong as her, my heart is too soft, I forgive to easily and forget too quickly. They should clone the both of us to find some middleground...


CT told me today that she had a one night stand on thursday night. She can't even remember how the guys looks like, other than she met him at Avalon and the rest was history. I had 1001 questions to ask her, only because I can never imagine how you can just sleep with someone, walk out the next day and feeling nothing. Maybe I'm quite a psycho closed minded person, but seriously, I could never go home with a guy I just met from a club for a romp. It's like... er.. weird.. and some what insane.

How do girls do this? Sometimes I wonder, am I being too closed minded for my own good? I think I am a lot less experienced that a typical girl my age... it's uncanny someone can just msg me so nonchalently... why settle for short term pleasure?

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