Ricky Kim

Can u believe that after 10 years, I still have a crush on Ricky Kim?

What is wrong with me, OMG, I should get over it. And seeing him today didn't help.

Anne is the sweetest thing ever, remembering to invite me for his bday surprise!


I had a really shite day at work today, shipment screwed up, need to spend extra money trying to ship some extra products to Australia. I had to rush back home from the doctor, didn't even get to see him, for my sore eyes. it's getting worse. I hate getting sore eyes.


I was looking forward to community service to teach the kiddos this wkend, but it's been cancelled. Next session is mind November. Kills my mood. At least Angie will be cycling with me this Saturday...


I have many things on my mind at the moment. I am trying to stay strong, but somehow my mind wonders at the state of my life right now. Am I exactly where I want to be? Really? No.

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