Much Needed Break

Life has moved so fast since taking on the oceania role. On hindsight, it was good, because it busied me so much that it made it easier for me to forget Ming.

Im off to taiwan in a couple of hours, I think I really need this break from Singapore, work whatever. I need to let loose, to forget, to leave the past behind and come back, renewed, refreshed. yes the wounds still hurt terribly, but what I am to do but to pick up the pieces, if not I would hurt more, bleed more, cry more at a later date...


I went to the rugby 7s with AJ today. I am starting to think it as a cool sport, albeit rough. I like men who play sports, there's something sexy about it...


I am troubled by the state that Melissa is in. She is depressed and has no one to turn to but me. And I have roped Shimei in to help me. We need to save her before it is too late. I want to tell her that I've been through a lot too, I have been betrayed, cheated, hurt, lied to, and sharing that hurt with someone doesnt make you weak. I wish she'd open up to me more, and stop burrying her feelings. Somehow, God always allows sad people to connect with me, maybe I was born to bring laughter into the lives of the sad and desolate. May that is my calling?

But sometimes I feel frustrated, so many people pour their hearts out to me, I am tired from bearing the weight of their problems, and I take it out on the people I love.


I pray God will grant me peace of mind in Taiwan, may I forget the sadness that lace my heart and I leave and may I come back a renewed person. I want to leave my problems and worries in Taiwan and come back, harder, faster, better and stronger.

Upgrading in progress... God, help me to trust you more...

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