All dogs go to heaven

Floppi was brought into my life by the Almighty God. I have NO doubt about it at all.

When I see her cute face, her puppy dog smile, her small paws and how she begs for food, my heart is filled with joy -- I could almost do somersaults! Indeed, animals are brought into our lives to cheer us up! Even animals are found in heaven, did you know that?

Everyday, I grow to love my puppy (ok 10 months old already) more and more, the way she loves and accepts you despite everything and how she leaps to greet you at the door.

God must have known that through the loneliness, Floppi could come and help me heal. She is the most amazing dog and each night as we lie in bed together, I thank God for bringing her into my life.

All dogs go to heaven.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Estee. May God grant you all your heart desires & have a victorious 2012!


eStee said...

Thank you! God bless u too, Jenny!