Kissing my plans goodbye

I am kissing my plans good bye, for you. Where you lead, I will follow. Because obedience is better than sacrifice.

The most amazing thing, I visited Hillsong Sydney Campus!

I landed in Sydney Sat night (24th March) for work and had the Sunday off to travel around. The night before, I was searching for Hillsong church to attend as I knew it was somewhere in Sydney, but having found out that the main campus was soooo far away, I figured perhaps it wouldn’t be convenient for me to attend.

Saturday night itself, I prayed that the Lord would bring me to a church that would encourage me as I was feeling overworked. Sunday early morning, I got up bright and early and left home at 9AM, hoping to find a church along Chalmers Street (I live in a hotel along that road). I walked across a Baptist church, however service started at 11am so I figured that I would take a walk to the central railway station to get a map of the tube service. Along the way, I got lost, and wasted a lot of time asking for directions…

Jesus is truly in the business of giving us the desires of our hearts. I was praying out loud in tongues, and asking him to guide me, when all of a sudden, from the corner of my eye, I saw a Hillsong bus! When we pray, God opens the windows of heaven over us! I was ecstatic and rushed across the street. I was greeted by the friendliest crew ever, and was so pleased to find out the the shuttle service would take me directly to church!

Hallelujah, praise the Lord. Even when I was thousands of miles away from home, the Lord still watches over me, and listens to my prayers!

I enjoyed service very much! In fact,  came back for the 7PM service because I couldn’t get enough! God is good.

I toured Bondi beach yesterday and took some pictures where I had scribbled this slogan on the beach. Hope it blesses all of you!

Missing home very much...


Fatham @ Yale said...

so inspiring! God really does grants your heart desires if you seek him first :) Thanks for sharing!

eStee said...

Yes! Thks for reading and for being in encouragement to me :)

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