MR. what you know is what you do not know yet you know that you do not know

So those who went for Nexus would definitely have heard of this Mr. I know what I don't know you know I don't know char kway teow hor fun fish head bee hoon... OK basically after his finished his 2hour long speech, I was like "wth"?

Maybe it is true that if you can't convince them, confuse them.. (??) It was definitely a very fun experience, with cool ideas like live chat going on with the discussion panels, like update via flickr etc...etc. After all for a tech conference you gotta be web 2.0 right? heh

Video courtesy of ArZhou


DK said...

I'm waiting for someone to start a wiki page for him. :P

Any idea where can I find mp3/video his infamous question?

eStee said...

nexus podcasts!!!!

ar zhou said...

never credit me for filming him down! >.<

eStee said...

ok, credited! i thought at first u dont wanna post... scared u get sued??

Anonymous said...

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