A Father's Love - Inexplicable

I was talking with Bill Claxton the other day and mentioning that my dear mother was ill. He was such a sweetie to want to come down to visit her with flowers. Bill's just awesome, really. I'm so glad I found a friend in him -- it's awesome how initial working relationships evolve into real friendships. Really, Bill is GREAT. Also need to thank Peter Du for being so sweet and buying my mother a bunch of lilies! It was real pretty -- she's hanging them up to dry now. ohh.. One more person, to Ming for gtting her goodies from Malaysia. My mother finished them up pretty quicly (although I think she couldn't taste much with that blocked nose)

So like Bill SMSed me yesterday to ask me how she was and he mentioned that mothers were the best and they or something to that effect and I should take care of her... yea something like that. It was pretty inspiring, I mean I know that but yea, part of me never thought too deep into it. Sometimes it takes someone to remind you for something to get into your thick skull huh?

Anyway, this reminded me of an email my father sent to my sister, just when she reached Ireland. You know parents set rules etc and many of them are ridiculous and like super conservative but we somehow learn to bend the rules and use our parent's kindness against them? Don't act like you've never done so before OK!

So I searched real hard and pulled out this email. My father doesn't write in the best English -- its broken and the punctuation is out of whack, but if you real slowly, you can understand how much he loves my younger sister. Sometimes the most heart felt things don't have to be said in flowery language. I love you is one of them..

Hi thanks darling Estee to asking your sis to be careful.Darling Esther will be good to have guideline like no single date, no drinking, no late night, always go in group and don’t go to pub as under 21 yr old are not allow and I know sis has lend you her US varsity ID so as to allow u to slip in pubs but then don’t do that don’t go foul with the law if caught may affect yor intership and even your stay in USA, also no short cut thru back alley and narrow or dim side lane. So pls be law abiding and God bless

I know my father sounds real conservative and all but he has our hearts in mind. He really isn't closed minded, and very open. He is a coooool dad. Way to go, daddy!


Kevin said...

Hope your mum gets well soon :)

Peter said...

Halo Estee, how are you mom now? Reading from what you wrote, she is getting better yeah?

I came down with flowers on Monday wor, really wanted to pray for your mom - we are having this 100K blessing campaign! :D

Your Daddy's words are damn right la. + I am with the conservatives(Facebook for more info)! I wish I could have heard from my parents on that a bit time back.


michael said...


How is your mum doing now? I hope that your mom gets well soon!

Your parents are very lucky to have you, someone who is so filial and concerned about them. And you really do know how to take care of your sis as well. :) Good wifey material! Haha.

eStee said...

Mom's OK :) I love my family. It's really whats the most important afterall...

Anonymous said...

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