10000 miles away but missing u

Dear sister:

I miss you. Maybe I don't say it often enough but I was very happy to receive your email today. Mummy and daddy were elated as well, as usual.

Somehow, you are living my dream for me. You have the life I dreamt (and am still dreaming of) but will never have. Although you are far away, you're dearly missed. You truly do all of us proud, You should see the way mummy and daddy beam when they talk about you.

I wish U could talk to you more often, the way we used to. But you're so far away. I wish you just just an hour and a half plane ride away - I in Philly and you in Michigan - it would be fun to bum over with you and ur friends in Michigan. We can bubble tea, Qdoba and loiter around together. I miss wearing snow boots and squeezing on a warm bed with you.

It gets lonely sometimes here, at night when mummy and daddy are sleeping, the house seems so quiet, I walk pass your room and I see a neatly made bed, as if you have been gone a lifetime -- it does feel like it though.

I hav so many things to tell you about, so many things to ask you, so many things to talk about and worst of all HOW THE #$%^&#$%^&* CAN YOU MISS THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE? IM BLEEDING FROM THE POCKETS AND I WANT U TO SUFFER WITH ME!! *muahahahaha*

No, I'm kidding but I wish you'd call more often... we're bestest sisters forever...

I love you, sisbee....


Nay Min Thu said...

Didn't know u have a sister..

Sorry, wanted to introduce myself at Ping party last Sat. But whenever I looked for you, you were busy talking to somebody. Maybe, some other time.


eStee said...

:( be sure you say hi the next time - if not ill kick u in the butt - hard! :) :)

Unknown said...

haha i not only kick butt! I kick head too! ;)

Peter said...


Listen to this song, just feel the lyrics.

Dream is never far away in your reach - let's achieve it.

Remember the song, remember the lyrics and a bright life ahead of you.

eStee said...

thx peter, u always knoe the right things to say @ the right time...

Anonymous said...

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