People Need Tender Loving Care

No one is too strong for a little reassurance. Everyone needs TLC. Sometimes, just a word of encouragement or a note to show someone else that they matter.

Always give your girlfriend a hug before you say goodbye. And tell your friends that they matter.

I noticed how much a litle encouragement can go along way. Sometime it just that little pat on the back or nod of acknowledgement. It's the little things that count, really.

It only occured to me how small seemingly "useless" encouraging words can make a difference to someone's day. Or even a smile.

I got up at 6AM this morning just to get the the BNI Rendezvous meeting Mark had invited me to. He was not going to be able to make it, so I stood proxy for him. The place was packed and I didn't know a single soul but this kind lady, came up to me, shook my hand, greeted me like I was her sister and introduced me to a couple of the peeps there.

That spark early in the morning, that twinkle in the day set me off for the whole day. Truly, it is the little insignificant things that can truly make ALL the difference.

Smile away someone else's insecurities, because what goes around, truly comes around.

Love u all! :) *smooooch*


Anonymous said...

I like the part "What goes around, comes around" and i think it is an effective message!

In the cafe, there is always some groups who like to stick their photos on top of other people photo. When i say the above message, most change their mind :)

Kevin said...

That BNI group is quite cult-like where members have to make big commitments, in turn, members are more dedicated. I peeked at one of their meetings and it was pretty high-energy all the way. Good way to start the morning... just like a good run.

Peter said...

This is a smile


eStee said...

Astro: yeah indeed one good turn deserves another; so does one bad turn.. :)

kevin: Yeah its cultist but I enjoyed it, and the people are so high nrg!

Peter: :)

Anonymous said...

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